Ferry en Nancy Kliphuis
Terbregselaan 82
3055 RH Rotterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)10 - 4225372
It was 1994 when we started our small enterprise, growing cut flowers organically. This means that the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides etc. are not to be used at all. This is checked by a company called SKAL, and they then provide us with a certificate with the official Dutch organic logo, namely - EKO.
We work as a husband and wife team, on an area of land that covers 5,000 square meters. Throughout the season we grow about 100 kinds of different cut flowers. Our market outlets are also varied, from the auction in Vleuten in the province of Utrecht, wholesalers, directly to shops, and ready-made bouquets for specialist organic shops. Harvesting spans the months of May to October.
As from February/March, we start sowing seeds indoors. When the seedlings have grown enough, they are transplanted into larger trays. These are then transferred to a cold greenhouse. In May, the trays are placed outside to "harden off", before they reach their final place in the garden.
From this moment on, we have our busiest period - transplanting, planting out, constant hand and hoe-weeding, as well as harvesting from our perennials. Yet every now and then, we take a few moments to lean on our hoe and look around to enjoy the beautiful landscape, with its pastures of cows and sheep, the windmill, trees and a few houses. Looking up in the sky, birds of all kinds sing, squawk and dive to the mood of the weather.
Of course it does rain at times, but a good rain suit is a great help! When we started, we were warned, " It's never bad weather for a successful gardener"!!
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